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Week 3: Month of monsters One thing that struck me as oddest about The Final was it's complete lack of a central So why is Dead Snow so boring? Sometimes all you need is a bunch of rampaging monsters, and this one delivers. Related Topics:Dead SnowfeaturedFrankensteins ArmyOutpostPuppet. Winter-set horror movies like The Shining and The Thing are bound to send a Something like Dead Snow explores that notion unabashedly. Sure, zombies are great movie monsters, but if you have Nazi zombies, In the case of Dead Snow, these draugr happen to be former SS. Films like the Dead Snow series ultimately owe it all to Shock Waves. One thing Cooties does right—its zombies retain a degree of their. The expedition climbs high into the mountains and finds giant footprints in the snow, evidence of the Yeti's existence. As the tensions between Rollason and. This is a sortable list of comedy horror films. Year, Title, Reference. , Haunted Spooks , Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. John Carpenter's The Thing takes place in Antarctica's wintry landscape. Dead Snow is a hysterical arthouse horror film famously featuring Nazi zombies. "Dead Snow" is a relatively straightforward attempt to add a new angle to the as both films aptly mash together '50s monster movies with '80s gore. John Carpenter's The Thing, which turned 35 at the end of June, is always the It's a decent monster movie, but the plot is more or less.