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boy · a male child, from birth to full growth, especially one less than 18 years of age. · a young man who lacks maturity, judgment, etc. · a son: Sam's oldest boy. Boy in this usage is an interjection that is an exclamation of surprise, wonder, contempt, etc. In this particular sentence, it's just emphasizing how. boy | American Dictionary a male child or, more generally, a male of any age: Some boys were playing basketball in the schoolyard. Boy sometimes means son: We. Boy definition is - a male child from birth to adulthood. How to use boy in Spell It. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? my boy” or “my boi” is how you describe your best friend or buddy, and/or someone who will always have your back. however, you would not say “my boy” to. A Do-Boy is a person who watches BruceDropEmOff on Twitch and is not subbed. And the reason they are named Do-Boys is because they would do anything I mean. Boy, do I love it. Boy, am I tired. Could some native speaker say, is there really an image(because sometimes it is said even when the. Les doy las gracias niños. 57 Comments. Do. you. have. boys. or. girls? ¿Tienes niños o niñas? 14 Comments. Boys. and. girls. Niños y niñas. A boy is a young male human. The term is commonly used for a child or an adolescent. When a male human reaches adulthood, he is described as a man. boynoun. A young male human. · boynoun. A man of any age, used as a friendly diminutive, or of a man who is merely younger than the speaker. · boy.